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Desuperheater Types - Schutte & Koerting

Desuperheater Types Overview Desuperheating, sometimes called attemperation or steam conditioning, is the reduction of gas temperature. Its most common application is the reduction of temperature in a steam line through the direct contact and evaporation of

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Steam engines In a steam engine, the superheater re-heats the steam generated by the boiler, increasing its thermal energy and decreasing the likelihood that it will condense inside the engine. Superheaters increase the thermal efficiency of the steam engine, and

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Super Heater(BOILER) - YouTube

11/4/2013· The working of Super Heater in babcock boiler is shown in this video any Queries kindly send to [email protected]

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Desuperheaters in Boilers onboard Ships

If this type of desuperheater develops a leakage then water loss from the boiler occurs since boiler pressure is greater than steam pressure in the desuperheater coil. This water loss could result in water hammer and subsequent damage in the auxiliary system.

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a heat exchanger used to lower the temperature of superheated steam in a boiler unit or before a turbine. Changes in a boiler unit's operation may lead to wide variations in the temperature of the superheated steam; a desuperheater then becomes necessary to

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How does a desuperheater work in a boiler? - Quora

When we superheat steam, its not that precise so we essentially overheat the steam and then cool it down to a precise temperature by injecting water. This is called an attemporator. But sometimes, we are done with the superheated steam but need mo

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Desuperheater - YouTube

24/3/2012· Desuperheater by Samhwamix Category Science & Technology Song Aveio Remix Artist The SKY Album Various Artists Chill New York

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